Interest in results never conquers boredom with process.
— Robert Farrar Capon

And just like that, we found each other.

If you'd like, you may start at the beginning.

I'm Jesse, the perpetual over-thinker here at The Long Session. I hail from Seattle, WA and created this space as a way to reflect mindfully about my everyday experiences--too often I feel as though I am following the motions of life and never truly connecting those motions to my deeper thoughts and convictions. Food is, and has always been, a great anchor for me. It reminds me to be creative, reflexive, and grateful for all my life has seen and provides space to merge the everyday with an eye toward the future. I recently finished some graduate work of a philosophical nature, so you can rightfully expect ruminations on how we can best create community and meaningful narratives with one another (often with a pot of risotto in tow).

I am a firm believer in foods that make one feel whole and closer to self--foods that allow the strife of the day to melt away. Some may call this comfort food, but I believe the process of creating a dish is just as important as the ingredients in it or the style in which it is cooked. Comfort appears differently to everyone. I do not believe in unnecessary food styling to properly tell my stories--when food comes from a meaningful place, it is meaningful regardless of appearance.  Nor do I wish to appear "put together" in the way so many blogs of this nature try too hard to do--any and all minor indications of this affliction are patently false (I mean, I drink coffee from a Pooh mug every morning).  

So welcome, enjoy, and please let me know if you have any questions. 


Humbly Yours, -- Jesse